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Strategy, wealth, power, military confrontation, eternal friendship, love and deliverance. Six men who became friends during their youth at a military academy reunite after years of separation when they attend the funeral of a former loved one. They never imagined how that reunion would change their lives and set a trajectory that would shake the country and rattle the world. After building a multi-billion-dollar global military defense conglomerate and one of the most powerful corporations in the world their success is challenged when a simple gesture to use their capabilities and influence to investigate suspicious activities of a government agency in an old neighborhood puts them at war with their former employer and largest client – the U.S. government and in the middle of an international drug and money laundering ring. In a fight for survival they are forced to reclaim their military experience in combat, espionage, counter-intelligence, and test their bond. When they realize the odds are not in their favor, they develop an unorthodox strategy of military operations and urban warfare, and assemble a team of renegades comprised of highly skilled former soldiers and Drug Cartel lieutenants and hitmen. Together they take on the U.S. government and a dominant drug cartel in a quest to destroy an international drug ring and uncover a high-level government conspiracy.

By Claude Garretson